Rebels News · High School Volleyball Camps

June 13-14 WC Youth Camp
High School Student Run Team Camp

July 11-13 Adams State Team Camp
$130 Meal Plan and Dorm
Will stay on campus

July 18-20 UNC Volleyball Team Camp
(Will Commute with Small Busses)
Cost will be split by number of girls attending camp
Coolers for food/drinks throughout camp

Aug 1-3 WC Individual Volleyball Team Camp
Free to any girl interested in playing volleyball during the
2018-2019 season.
This camp is $160.00 per camper. If you sign up for
camp you need to make sure you can make it to camp!
Need at least 18 girls signed up before May 1st.
Outside college coaches/athletes will be coming in to run this camp!

June Open Gyms Monday and Wednesday Mornings 9:00-11:00 in high
school gym.

July Open Gyms TBD

AUG 12 First Day of Official Practice!!!!