Rebels News · 2018 February Student of the Month

English Student of the Month – George Graybill

George has an incredible work ethic and ability to excel in English class. He works hard to accomplish excellence on assignments and did a superb job on our speech for our last unit. He is a positive influence on his peers and always has a can-do attitude. He is responsible and respectful and often adds a creative flair to any piece he’s writing!

Math Student of the Month – Rebekah Jeffrey

Rebekah is an outstanding math student. She is always sure to turn in all of her assignment on time. She does an amazing job on every quiz and test, usually getting the highest score in the class. Rebekah enjoys learning and always will help others who have questions. She is a great student to have in class! Nice job! Keep up the good work!

Science Student of the Month – Brooklyn Unruh

Brooklyn can be counted on to do her best every
class period. She will make every effort to learn the content to the best of her ability and is able to apply her knowledge to any use in class and on assessments. She always has a positive attitude which is much appreciated. Thank you Brooklyn for your hard work in Chemistry this year.

Social Studies Student of the Month -Marissa Pacheco

Marissa’s selection as the social studies department’s student of the month for February was a relatively easy decision to make. Not only is she a hardworking, high-achieving, totally engaged student (she is currently receiving 100% in world history), who is always quick to lend a hand. She is also one of the most cheerful people you are likely to run across in your life. In two years I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed her have a bad day. She is an absolute delight to have in class. Congratulations Marissa and keep up the good work.

Foreign Language Student of the Month – Christian Gallegos

Christian is the February Student of the Month because she is very helpful to other students. She is a hard worker, takes time to explain things to her group members, is always ready to learn when class starts and listens intently to instruction.She is very polite and respectful to everyone.

Industrial Arts Student of the Month – Vince LaConte

Vince always has a positive attitude in class and has been doing some great work in her woods class! Keep it up Vince!

Agriculture Science Student of the Month –Scott Rockwell

Scott is a huge asset to our program and chapter. He goes above and beyond with everything he does. Currently he is enrolled in Agriculture Mechanics II but he also goes to Aims Community College for welding classes to better himself and his skills. He is a very active member of FFA and helped us a lot during National FFA Week by helping prepare the Teacher Breakfast and going to local elementary schools for Food for America. He also brought a tractor for Barnyard Day and taught kids about agriculture. We are thankful to have him in our program and appreciate everything he does!

Physical Education Student of the Month – Andrea Martinez

Andrea is always positive, on task, and has a drive rare for her age! Congrats Andrea!

Family & Consumer Science Student of the Month –Paola Chavez

Paola has always been a motivated, positive, enthusiastic, responsible student ever since I had her for a student in Culinary Nutrition. This past month she has truly excelled in Catering. She and several of her classmates worked extra hard and put extra time in to finalize the Mexican Food meal that catering students prepared for Weld Central High School’s staff for the February Parent Teacher conferences. Paola, Linda Batalla, Alex Salisbury and Salvador Cisneros worked hard at the February Lunch Bunch in Keenesburg to prepare a fine pork cutlet meal for forty Senior citizens. I was proud of Paola and her teammates for executing & serving this fine meal, and just qualifying to go on this field trip by keeping up their grades,  and being motivated enough to perform their jobs in our Catering program. She it truly a noteworthy student in WCHS’s Catering program.

Online School Student of the Month – Devyn Yager

Devyn has quickly adapted to the online program. He is excelling in his classes. He has had As and Bs every week this semester in all his classes. He’s doing a great job!

Business Student of the Month – Morgan Reece

Morgan is in two business courses, Business Math and Introduction to Business, and has great work ethic in both classes. She works hard to understand the content at hand, actively engages in questions on our topics, and strives to be successful in all the work she completes. She has also been able to apply course content to her personal life with her career goal of having her own metal business. Keep up the great work Morgan!

Art/Fine Arts Student of the Month – Brooke Dowdy

Brooke has been doing excellent work in photography. Keep up the great work!

Office Student of the Month – Jailene Castro


Jailene is an excellent Student Assistant for the front office. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to do whatever is asked of her. She is always courteous, friendly, and timely. Thank you for everything you do for us in the front office!

Counseling Student of the Month – John Dumdi

John is very respectful while in the Counseling Office and is working hard to make sure he has the credits needed for graduation. Mrs. McClay is very proud of the way that John handles himself in Counseling. Keep up the good work John!!!

Character Student of the Month – Sydnie Pevlar

Sydnie was very helpful to Mrs. Soldano and helped her clean her whiteboard. This earned her some Rebel United Character Points for going above and beyond in the classroom.